Blockchain: What's In It For The Communications, Media and Entertainment Industry?

Blockchain can play a role in simplifying digital rights management. DRM as it is commonly known is complex as solutions here were not designed for today’s changing business models such as the downloading of music, streaming of content, and use of set top box for television says Anurag Vardhan Sinha, Senior Vice President and Industry Head Americas – Communications Service Providers, and Media & Entertainment, Infosys. The consumption and management of content in the music, movies and publication industry is siloed. Blockchain can do away with the current problems with self-executing smart contracts and monetize assets quickly.

In telecom, blockchain can simplify the settlement of roaming fees, faster. Today this is being done by third parties and is expensive.

Software defined network is another areas where blockchain can play a role by delivering bandwidth on demand with greater flexibility. IoT service management is another area where blockchain has wide applicability. Billions of devices are going to be on the IoT network and blockchain can help manage these. Blockchain can also enhance security of IoT solutions - especially of those that do not have much intelligence.

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